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Tactical Ops:Assault on Terror (a.k.a. TacticalOps or TacOps or TO:AoT or simply TO) is a team-based FPS (first-person shooter) game for the PC. It is based on the Unreal Tournament (UT) engine and in fact began simply as a UT-mod (a modification for Unreal Tourney).

Like UT, TacOps is playable as a single-player game, where one plays with and against computer-controlled 'bots'. However, like UT before it, the real strength of TacOps is its playability in multi-player (online) mode.

The game pits two teams (one playing as SWAT/Special Forces, the other playing as Terrorists) against one another. Most maps involve a mission where one team is trying to plant a bomb, rescue hostages, and the like, while the other team tries to prevent this. A few maps involve a mission for both teams, with both teams trying to accomplish their mission before the other team, while at the same time, trying to prevent the opposing team from succeeding in their mission.

Whoopy-Cat's TacOps is a series of web pages dedicated to Tactical Ops and the online community of players who play this game.


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